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Invest in yourself

Vaughn Kresin's story of transformation

In October of 2021, Vaughn Kresin walked into Beyond Strength ready for a change.

He, once again, found himself ready to commit to become a better version of who he saw in the mirror. Vaughn was accustomed to putting in the work to make changes, as he celebrates 4 years clean from methamphetamine this year. However, growth meant getting uncomfortable.

"I have always been the skinny guy, so that wasn't necessarily the motivating factor, but I was low on energy, way too stressed, and I was seeking to gain more confidence in myself. I wanted to show myself that I was worth investing in," stated Vaughn.

For him the hardest part of the journey wasn't stepping into the gym, but even months after training with Brady, he had to force himself to get into the gym on his own. "I was given all the necessary tools, I just had to dig deep and believe in myself. Everyday and every week is different, so I had to realize that if I always did my best that's all that matters," explained Vaughn.

At the core of Beyond Strength Gym is a community. It's not just a gym filled with people, but a place where stories are shared, life is lived and freedom is given. You recognize and feel the difference from the first time you walk in the door.

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"I could not have asked for a better gym to begin my fitness journey. Shane and his staff want everyone to succeed and achieve their goals. This place is BEYOND a gym. They have become family to me. We have shared many laughs and even shed some tears. The support isn't just confinced to the walls of the gym either. It is evident through personal endeavors out int he community and surrounding communities," Vaughn expressed as he described what is different about this gym.

When you make the commitment to invest in yourself, we do too.

There is that old adage of if you are comfortable, then you are not growing. For Vaughn, navigating his uncomfortableness has shifted all areas of his life and sparked massive personal growth, so what you see on the outside is equally present on the inside of Vaughn.

"This gym has been a vital compontent to my growth, andnot just by chasing those "gains." I've gained a higher level of self love, a confidence that has even surprised me, camaraderie, and more clarity on the man that I desire to become."

So when faced with comfort or growth, which will you choose?