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    Shane Burge


    Born & Raised:

    Shane was born in McPherson KS and attended elementary at Roosevelt. Shane and his family moved to Little River Kansas for the remainder of his Middle/ High School.


    About Shane:

    Shane is a Marine Corps Veteran. He joined right out of high school and served four years in California making multiple combat deployments to Iraq. Shane re-enlisted for another four years and moved to North Carolina to teach infantry tactics for three years. The last year Shane was in the Marines he volunteered for one last combat tour to Afghanistan. Upon his return to the States he spent his last six months teaching and leading Marines how to assault buildings and urban environments.


    After Shane got out of the Marines he moved his family to Colorado to try his hand at a “normal” job. This adventure only lasted about six months before he went back to what he really knows. He started working for a company as private security in Baghdad, Iraq.


    Private contracting was a goal Shane wanted to achieve. Not only did it afford Shane the ability to build the capital he needed to start his own business, but it helped him transition from the warrior life to the civilian life .


    His first business was BuySupps. A supplement store with a small gym. After four years BuySupps evolved into Beyond Strength Gym LP.


    Although Shane achieved a lot while serving his country, he feels his accomplishments as a coach have been greater. In addition to training innumerable athletes, parents, senior citizens, and regular people with used bodies, he has coached his sons' athletic teams. More fulfilling than any amount of money is helping a worn-out mother acquire the self-assurance and physical skills she needs to live the life she desires.


    Fun Fact:

    Shane can shred on the ukulele!

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    Kris Burge


    Born and Raised: 

    Kris, the older brother to Shane, was also born in McPherson and graduated from Little River High School. To date he has lived within a 30 miles radius of Mac for the entirety of his life.



    Undecided about the direction he wanted to take, Kris enrolled at Hutchinson Community College, and once he finished his associate's degree, he landed a job at a machine shop back home in McPherson. It wasn't until he realized that this was not his passion, did he attend Old Town Barber College.

    About Kris: 

    Kris is the secret mad scientist who keeps all the behind-the-scenes of Beyond Strength Gym functioning. He's not one to be in the public or the center of attention, he will leave that to his brother. Instead Kris, enjoys the pace of being connected to his customers in KBs Barbershop where the age range goes from toddlers to his oldest customer at 100. He loves learning from all different walks of life, and walking through some of the highs and lows with them.

    In addition, to providing superior services he is looking to expand with his retail business by creating his own men's grooming line, so all his customers have access to the hair care.


    When outside KBs or the gym he is busying chasing kids, teaching kids at youth group.


    Fun Fact:

    Our very own MacGyver on staff. If Kris can't make or build it, he will figure out how to make it happen.

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    Born and Raised: 

    Staying true to his local roots, Skylar Mead is native to the Hutchinson area after moving there while in high school.


    About Skyler:

    Married with 3 stepchildren, Skyler is like most parents just trying to keep up with his kiddos while striving towards his own goals.


    Skylar has now joined the Beyond Strength team adding his personal training skills and services to gym members looking for extra accountability and pre planned workouts.



    certifications are through ISSA (International Sports Science Association). He is also a dedicated powerlifter that specializes training in strength sports. What sets Skylar apart from other trainers is his dedication to people by being dependable and loyal to their needs. For him it is always about what their goals are, not his plans for them.


    Fun Fact: Skylar is a well known drummer in Hutchinson and is a true crime buff. Ask him about the topic and he will be talking for hours.



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    The word family is typically reserved to blood relatives, but is that true? We believe it extends further than that. FAMILY to us is a group of people who have each other’s back and are willing to go to the ends of the earth to bring a smile to others’ faces, a sense of loyalty, selflessness, love, and genuine care and concern for others. Family lies in how much you care for one another.




    Let’s be real for a second, our world is a pretty messed up place and it does not appear that it will improve any time soon. It can quickly send you into a negative emotional rollercoaster just thinking about the problems of the world and our nation. What can you really do to improve it? Our answer? You can do NOTHING of real significance. The real question should be, how can I make my community a better place? You can start right here at the gym. Help someone out, smile, encourage, or simply be a bright spot in someone else’s day. Make a positive impact on your family, friends, and community. We have plenty of problems right here so take care of yourself, your family, and your friends first. That’s how real improvement can be made.



    Being real in every aspect of your day. Come in and be yourself because we believe that who you are is your best self at all times. At Beyond Strength we want you to be able to remove your mask and be your weird, funny, and true self. We want you to be comfortable with who you are and who you want to be. We want to navigate this thing we call life, together.

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